It’s already December, and the year of 2015 is rushing to its end. As the New Year 2016 is knocking our door, it’s the perfect time to start summarizing the digital marketing trends and looking forward towards the year to come. It is a million dollar question – what should we expect to see in the digital marketing world in 2016? What will be the biggest trend in online marketing? Illustrated below are the insights of some biggest brains in the industry to provide a brief idea which digital marketing trends are going to rule 2016.

Content will be more important, bolder, and bigger:

cover5Bigger and bolder contents will rule the online market in 2016. People will take more time to read what’s going on around the world and a bolder approach towards the marketing trends, products, services will be in the air in the upcoming year. Contents written on the specific challenges that your audience face and the possible solutions to get rid of those challenges will be the biggest way to grab the attention of your potential customers. Marketers will need to use bigger and bolder contents to convert more people into your business, to align your potential customers on a context that’s greater than what you sell and what you serve.

Rejuvenating Online Marketing Ideas:

2015 was a year of potential online marketing ideas, plans, strategies, and lead generation tools. However, in 2016, online marketing will be characterized by the reinventing of those online marketing ideas. With so much blogs, articles, newsletters, social media, ads, videos, infographics etc. more internet users are already starting to signalize that they have reached to their saturation point. Hence, marketers who will want to make it through 2016 as winner will surely need to rejuvenate and reinvent their key online marketing strategies to excel in the market.

Live Streaming Video Platforms:

Live streaming video platforms will be the biggest hit in 2016. The leading online marketing companies have already started to use live streaming video platforms to customize customer experience as well as customer service. Keeping the human face of business in mind, the online marketers will need to re-share the online streaming videos on various social media channels.

Purchased Media:

One of the most leading content marketing trends that are going to rule 2016 is marketing through purchased media. Instead of building platforms on free content marketing sites like article directories and others, marketers will need to buy blog sites, niche content sites, and media platforms where there is already a loyal audience and speed up the content marketing strategy.

Online Ads:

32016 will see a massive correction in the online advertising market. Since more numbers of internet users are installing ad blockers on their computers and smartphones, marketers will start to find the irrelevance of spending so many budgets on the traditional ads that no one wants. Instead, marketers will need to think some different ideas to create and publish more customized content and online ads that their customers actually want.