“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – literally, effective web design is judged by the users of the website. There are so many factors that affect the design and beauty of a good website. A good website design company must follow the principles of web designing.

Websites that are not effectively designed don’t perform well in search engines, and have sub-standard Google Analytics metrics including high bounce rate, low average time spending on site, low page visit, and low conversions. With 4the advent of information technology in Virginia and its surrounding areas, it is not very difficult to find a good web design company. However, the website design company should know the principles of web designing. Following are 6 web designing principles that make your website aesthetically pleasing, easily customizable, attractive, and engaging.


A user always visits a website for a purpose. Good website design should cater to the needs of the users. Remember, your website users are looking for information, interaction, entertainment etc. Hence, the web design company Virginia should design a website with a clear purpose. The website should fulfill a specific need for your website users in the most relevant way possible.

Easy Communication:

The website should have the ability to communicate clearly with its users. A good website design can make the information easy to read and digest. Some of the most important strategies to include in a good website are – organizing important information in the headlines and sub-headlines, using bullet points instead of writing long, descriptive sentences.

Enhancing Colors:

5Website Colors are the good way to enhance user experience. Good complementary colors can create a great balance and harmony in a website. A good web development company Virginia Loudoun should use contrasting colors for the text and background in order to make the text easier to read. Vibrant colors are great way to create emotion and can do well while using in buttons and other call to actions. White space and negative space is also very effective at providing your website a modern and attractive look.

Vibrant Images:

A picture says a thousand words. Choosing the right images for your website can help your website to promote the brand and grab the attention of your target audience. Good Web Design Company in Virginia should use high quality, professional images. If you don’t have images of your own, you can purchase stock photos to enhance the look of your website. You can also consider using infographics, videos, graphics etc on your website.

Fast Loading Time:

3A good website should load quickly, since people won’t like a website that takes long time to load. Good Web Development Company in Loudoun should have the expertise to use optimized image sizes, combined code into CSS or JS file. All HTML, CSS, JavaScript should be in compressed to improve the loading speed of the website.

Mobile Friendly:

Today it is common to access websites from multiple mobile devices. So it is also an important principle to make a mobile version of your website. This would improve the user experience.