Statistically, it is proved that the human attention span is a mere 8 seconds. This means that there are only a few seconds for you to convince the audience to stay on their website and have a look at your products and services.

But have you ever wondered how to make your potential customers stay on your website by just the looks of the site? Well-Made web design plays an essential role in grabbing the attention of your audience and converting them into your customers, which is known as the conversion rate.

Top web development companies and designers follow a few tricks to increase their conversion rates. Here, we have listed some of these tips to help you convert your visitors into trusted customers through your web design.

  1. Testimonials and reviews

Reviews and testimonials are the best way to show your credibility to your website visitors and establish trust with them. It can also be considered as social proof, where other people’s thoughts and experiences help those who are searching for authentic products or services for making a decision.

Therefore, it is important to have real testimonials of your products and services on the webpage that will help you to alter the judgement of your users.

2. Call to action button – 

Call to action is one of the vital features of any website to conduct interaction between the users and the business owner. Therefore ensuring that it looks inviting and attractive to the audience is very important so that the users click it in the first instance. Also, it should be clearly visible to all!

3. Content placement – 

The placement of your content in a website plays a crucial role in influencing your audience’s decision.

The attention of the users usually finishes till the bottom of a page, and therefore it is a smart move to add images between the texts, to make the customers stick to your website. It also psychologically renewed the attention once again.

4. Simple and crisp design – 

Simple web design helps the users to source what they want from your website easily. Your website should be planned enough to help the audience navigate through the pages and get what they are searching for. And trust me; this trick can actually decrease your bounce rate to a large extent.

5. A responsive web design –

According to research, your users are five times more likely to leave the website if it is not optimized for mobile use as it provides an extremely annoying experience for them. Awkward buttons, sluggish pages, and zooming in to read the text are some of the things that users do not find pleasing or convincing.

This means if you do not want to lose your audience, then it is essential to have a responsive and optimized website. A responsive website provides a satisfying experience to the users because of the automatic adjustment of the page layouts. So, always look for website designers who can provide you with a responsive website.

These are just a few tricks that can help you draw your potential customer’s attention towards your website. These tips will also help you stand out amongst the crowd.