Selecting Strategy

At Debtech, we believe that discovery is the most important aspect of the design process. During the discovery phase, we learn everything we can about your company, your brand, your costumers, and your objectives. The design process will be a total collaboration between you and Debtech. We want to assure you that we will give you the best product possible. To do this, we must know the message(s) you want to send to your website audience, then we will know how to convey that message(s) most effectively for you.

You will be asked to fill out a site questionnaire as we begin the discovery phase of your project.  This questionnaire will guide our designers in the right direction, as your project begins to take shape. By filling out this questionnaire, our designers will have all the important information that they need to begin creating wireframes and mock-up designs.

Initial Phone Call
During the initial phone call, we will review the questionnaire and  verify that we understand your goals.  Each questionnaire is unique, and this initial phone call can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours to review, clarify and discuss.  We will make sure that every concern you have is addressed.


Preparing Plan


As we move your project from the discovery phase into the homepage wireframe phase, we will need to know from you what information orcontent you would like displayed on your homepage.  This will be everything pertinent to you such as text, photos, images, charts, logos, maps, videos, contact forms, etc.

wireframe is the framework or skeleton of your site. Our designers will build a rough outline of your website in black and white with no graphics initially, to guarantee that everything is in place.  This bare-bones layout technique assures that any content changes can be made easily without disturbing the design.



It is during the mockup phase, when our designers transform the rough draft of your site into a real design.  We use all available tools as well as the latest technology to build you a website that not only works for you, but that makes a real statement about who you are.


Your feedback is extremely important to our design process.  During the revisions phase, anything that you are dissatisfied with, will be changed to meet your satisfaction.  We want you to love your website, this is why your approval is 100% guaranteed. We are not happy until you are happy.

During the development phase, our team will begin to bring life to your site.  The design will be sliced into HTML and CSS coding, which is incorporated into a CSS platform content management system.  We then will manage any interactive elements of your site such as blog posts, news, reviews and updates.  Finally, we will test each and every page to confirm your website is functioning as planned and web ready, and wait for your approval.



As we launch your site, we upload the site to your hosting platform, where it becomes live and ready to be searched and viewed by everyone on the world wide web!


So that you can maintain your website without the help of a professional, we will provide you with the login credentials and a user guide.  We will also be happy to arrange a training session to help you navigate your CMS dashboard, if desired.